Here is an excerpt from her book... "There is a destiny in every person that must be discovered. All of us have gifts, abilities, and strengths inside us waiting to be discovered. God wants to remove the fear and the excuses that hold us back. He wants to unveil the beauty and authenticity of our true selves. He wants to unlock the masterpiece within us so He can move us into a new thing.

No matter what season of life you are in, no matter how young or how old, God has a new season full of purpose for you. It's not over - you're not done yet! He has handfuls of purpose and assignments for you!

No matter where God is leading, no matter what new thing He has for you, no matter how He’s propelling you into your destiny, you are well able to walk this path. You are well able to possess the land He places before you as you activate principles and give voice to decreeing His Word. 

God has deposited on the inside of you everything you need. You need to be fully persuaded of that, and that He is able to perform that which He has said about your destiny. My prayer is that you will have a greater revelation of the deposits and the destiny etched within—that a confidence rises up in you from God revealing your true identity of who you are and the power you carry. 

My hope is that this book will help you discover many strengths that are lying dormant on the inside of you. That you will see your challenges as opportunities for growth, faith-enrichment and promotion. I hope you will be inspired and encouraged to apply these principles and enlarge yourself to move into the new season and enjoy the destiny God has etched within you!"



For over a decade now, I have known Shonna Slatten as a vibrant life force for the Kingdom of God. She is bold; she is passionate; and she is gifted with the ability to encourage faith in the lives of everyone she touches. 

I have had many conversations with my dear friend Shonna. Her life has been forged on the oil press. She has faced real giants and life-altering discouragements, and yet she has come out shining and shouting. Shonna is a woman of faith who has a calling and passion to see others rise above their own life issues, and be everything God has destined for them to be. 

DESTINY ETCHED WITHIN is a book written from the heart of a triad vessel of honor. With wisdom and sound biblical instruction, Shonna helps the reader understand spiritual destiny, but also how to release that destiny, by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

You will be challenged- you will be lifted- and I believe with all of my heart, you will soar as you allow the Spirit to have His perfect way in you, while pouring over the pages of this inspiring book.

Donna Schambach

President/ CEO of Schambach Ministries